duminică, 1 ianuarie 2012

2012 or how to fill in the blanks

Brand new year, brand new me! New and improved, older but wiser, hopeful and ready for another awesome year. We have accomplished more than I had hoped for last year, yet I feel tired and a little depressed. Maybe less is more. So, this time I wish far simpler things, like sleeping more, eating less, laughing better and loving it all.

Less browsing, more reading,
Less shopping, more giving,
Less driving, more walking,
Less talking, more thinking.

We're done having kids, now we need to find the balance between their needs and schedules and ours. We're done moving across the ocean, now we need to find that place where we can unpack and settle and enjoy every moment together. I'm very grateful for everything that lead me here; just need to learn to relax, breath and smile!

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